Video How-To: Quick-Trick Gluten-Free Breakfast or Snack

posted by Pilar Gerasimo 02/20/2015 1 Comment

I finally got around to filming this little video while spending the weekend with my pal Jacque Fletcher at her family cabin (so fun!).

I was getting ready to show her the magic of my “Quick-Trick-Snack-Stack” solution for breakfast anyway, and we figured: Why not preserve it for posterity and share it with the world?

I love that Jacque is still rocking her PJs and I have a serious case of bed-head.

You can get a more detailed set of recipe instructions for this meal in the slide show that accompanies my Huffington Post blog on the same topic (last I checked, it had gotten close to a half-million page views there). But you’ll definitely get the gist just from watching this video, too.

Hope you find it helpful. Please share if you do!

We’ll be filming a more “pro” version of this for Experience Life magazine soon (it’s included as a “Learn This Skill” item in our April issue). But if you don’t mind quick-and-dirty production values, this video will serve.

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1 Comment

Marlene 02/22/2015 at 3:03 am

Love the idea! I am gluten free and dairy free so any ideas to make it easier and quicker I love! Thank you!


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