Generating Personal Power

posted by Pilar Gerasimo 12/01/2013 0 comments

During my talk at the 2012 Skinless Conference (you can watch the video here), I talked about the sources of personal power. Sorry you can’t see my slides (which, annoyingly, I refer to a lot in the video — you can grab the PowerPoint presentation file  if you want to follow along). But here are just a few of the power sources I’m talking about:

  • Health
  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Purpose
  • Focus

Health is one of my favorite gateways to personal power because it both requires and assists in the development of all those other qualities.

Getting and staying healthy  requires courage and it also allows you to act more courageously. It requires the cultivation of integrity and empowers you to act with more of it. Same with having a clear sense of purpose, the ability to focus your energy, and so on.

The body is a sort of microcosm of life. It reflects how you are living now — where you are in or out of balance, for example — and where you have opportunities to make conscious, positive change.

As you get into a good partnership with your body, you get into better relationship with the world around you. You generate and accumulate personal power, and get more comfortable wielding it responsibly.

Real personal power is not about control, or the ability to force others do what you want. It’s about the capacity you have to choose and sustain your own ideals. It’s about your ability to inspire others — to lead, model and catalyze change. It’s about the level of success you have creating and sustaining the realities you want to see more of in this world.

Ultimately, though, it all starts with how your steward yourself. Your body. Your mind. Your relationships. Your choices. Your life.

Check out my talk for more of my take on all that. And let me know what you think: How do you generate and sustain power, and how do you wield it for good (not ee-vil)?


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