“Your Ideal Day” Guided Visualization

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Pilar Gerasimo's "Your Ideal Day" Guided Visualization

Longing to create some positive change in your life, but uncertain where to start? Or still a bit unclear about what you really want?

This powerful guided visioning session helps you creatively imagine — and then begin to construct — your chosen daily reality. 

Drawn from the Vision section of my 6-week “Refine Your Life” workshop, this guided visualization is based on proven scientific principles of Positive Psychology and is appropriate for all audiences.

The complete “Your Ideal Day” audio collection includes four sections: 1) an introduction; 2) a guided visualization; 3) spoken affirmations set over music; 4) subliminal (inaudible) affirmations set over music.

You can listen to any of the tracks individually, but allow an hour to complete the entire exercise without interruption.

If you’d like to purchase this complete audio collection for $12.99 as a way of supporting my work or making a gift to another person, you can buy the instant-digital-download product right here.

Interested in learning more about the power of visualization? Check out my Refine Your Life work, including this recorded one-hour video course, and my 6-Week Refine Your Life Workshop.

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