Holiday Fun with Dara

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I had a great time a few weeks back chatting with the brilliant and witty Dara Moskowitz (Beard-Award winning food critic, senior editor for Minneapolis St. Paul magazine — and oh, she also does a terrific column for Experience Life called “Honestly Dara”).

I don’t know how she finds the time, but Dara also hosts a cool radio show — Off the Menu with DaraMoskowitz Grumdahl — on  Twin Cities FM station WCCO.

Leading up to Thanksgiving, she invited me to come talk about holiday eating, and the challenges of balancing healthy priorities with a natural desire to partake in  seasonal goodies.

We also talked about how to deal with the potential social awkwardness and angst of eating “differently” when everybody else is focused on observing long-held traditions.

Do you feel familial pressure to just “get with the program” and eat what everybody else is eating over the holidays, even when you don’t really want to?

How do you deal with having, say, a gluten or dairy intolerance when most of what’s being served happens to contain one or both of those challenging substances?

How do you decide when to indulge in sweet treats, fried goodies, flour-laden breads and other temptations, and when to steer clear?

We tackled all these topics and more on Dara’s show, if you care to listen in. Either way, I’d love to hear your take!

Oh, and here’s a great “Honestly Dara” column, Guilty Pleasures, on how Dara goes about navigating holiday food conundrums. (Or is it conundra? In any case, you get the idea.)

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