The Art of Unfolding

posted by Pilar Gerasimo 02/02/2012 0 comments

Last year about this time, I shared an experience I had at age 30 — a moment when I decided to rethink who I was and what I wanted for myself, when I dared to ask myself questions I hadn’t before, and to really listen to the answers. (See January/February 2012 at

I’ve often wondered how my life might have turned out if I hadn’t taken the time to ponder those questions. Quite probably, this magazine wouldn’t exist. and the 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy app wouldn’t have come to be. Almost certainly, the amazing group of people who make these projects happen would not be working together in the way they are now.

And the millions of individuals whose choices and lives are in some way touched by what our team does every day — well, there’s no way of knowing how things might be different for them, too, and for the people and projects all of their lives touch.

None of us can ever know the extended outcomes of all our choices, or how they’ll play out over time. And frankly, I can’t think about that too much or I get kind of freaked out.

(Read the rest of this article, which first appeared in Experience Life magazine.)

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