Quick Trick Snack Stacks

posted by Pilar Gerasimo 01/02/2015 0 comments

Founding editor Pilar Gerasimo invented this speedy-meal solution (a great gluten-free breakfast or mini-meal) ages ago, then shared it as a slideshow while she was at Huffington Post. It got more than 300,000 page views in the course of a couple weeks. She thinks that’s because so many people are desperate for healthy, whole-food meal and snack solutions, especially for busy mornings.

The “quick trick” name references the stackable containers that make it fast and easy to assemble — and also cribs a fave line from Dr. Seuss’s Fox In Sox. You can use any combo of fruit/berries, nuts and seeds and milk substance you like (see the slideshow copy for copious suggestions and step-by-step how-tos). Pilar likes to switch up my ingredients based on mood and season.

Get the Recipe >>

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