My New Podcast Is Live!

posted by Pilar Gerasimo 08/01/2016 1 Comment


Hey, great news! The project I’ve been working on by dark of night for the past several months is officially launched!

I’m very excited to announce that my brand new podcast, The Living Experiment (a collaboration with co-host Dallas Hartwig, co-founder of Whole30) was released just today.

It’s all about how you can choose to be healthy in an unhealthy world, and about the daily choices and perspective shifts that make that both doable and inherently rewarding.You can get it on iTunes and on other popular audio platforms. Woo hoo!

Dallas and I, chatting it up like we do on The Living Experiment Podcast (Photo: Jordan Ison)

This podcast is one of the coolest, funnest things I’ve done in years (probably since I had my own Saturday-morning radio show, “Get a Whole Life” on Minneapolis’s FM107 back in the day).

Anyway, if you’re interested, please sign up for our newsletter at (where you can also learn more about Dallas and me, and why we are doing this). That way, you’ll be among the very first to hear about the release of new episodes. (Hey, that reminds me: Have you already signed up for my personal newsletter? If not, please do!)

Photo: Jordan Ison

The Living Experiment Podcast “Album Cover” (Photo: Jordan Ison)

I really hope you’ll check out the podcast (the first three episodes are now live!). It’s been a wild amount of work, and Dallas and I are both really proud of it.

If you like it, would you be kind enough to subscribe and also leave a nice review? It would mean a lot to us, and help us reach more people as a “new and notable” offering.

We’re hoping to bust through the bland same-old-sameness of conventional health podcasts out there — and we’ll do that listener by listener. So thanks for helping us get the word out — via your reviews, social media (connect with The Living Experiment on FacebookInstagram and Twitter), or just telling a friend.

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Cindy Carbone 10/14/2016 at 8:34 pm

Hi Pilar-
Love your work. You have been an inspiration to me ever since I read your manifesto back in 2012. I am a Healthy Life Coach, I have an online learning/coaching program called the Mind/Body Reset Academy. I describe it as Erin Brockovich meets Tony Robbins. It is all about resetting our minds with the truth about food in America, and resetting our bodies back to health. I recently started blogging, and I feel like I am meant to write even though it is knew to me. I actually tagged you in one of my blogs that is getting a lot of attention. It is food and health related, but in an unexpected way. For whatever reason, i wanted to share it with you. One of my goals in life is to be on the cover of Experience Life Magazine! Just following my passion to educate, inspire and empower women to create a healthy body, and life that they love. Can’t wait to check out your new podcast! I appreciate everything you do. Thank you.


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