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We thought we might get lucky and receive a handful of responses, but during the past several weeks, we’ve gotten heaps of reactions, including an actual, bona fide thank-you card (thank you, gentle reader). You can read a few of the Web survey responses below; letters-to-the-editor appear on page 12.

So thank you, and please keep those comments coming! We promise we’ll keep working hard to deliver a magazine that informs, inspires and entertains you. We also take your suggestions seriously, so if there’s something you’d like us to cover, clarify or investigate, by all means, let us know. In the meantime, here’s what you had to say about Experience Life (now known affectionately as “EL”) …
I was thrilled when the first issue came to me in the mail. I sat right down and read it cover to cover and couldn’t wait until the next issue! It is a great membership “perk.” It definitely motivates me. Jean, 35

The recent improvements to the magazine seem to have added more “meat,” more substance, which is a good thing. Keep it up!
Martha, 44

The magazine is well written and interesting. I like the balanced approach you take to diet, cardio and resistance training. James, 30

I love the magazine. It’s very informative. I consider LTF a very credible source of health and wellness info. I like the articles that highlight different types of exercise and benefits/results. I also like the success stories of other LTF members. Maureen, 34

Everything I have experienced from your club since I’ve joined in October has been positive. I love the magazine, the meal guide, the vitamins and the help of the professionals who work at the club. Everyone is nice and so eager to help. Janet, 31

I have learned a lot and have been inspired numerous times by articles that I have read in EL. Thank you so much for taking the time and caring enough to ask us what we think. Angela, 20

This is the first issue of EL that I deemed worthy of skimming (based on the cover story). The skimming revealed that there were a few pertinent articles (metabolism, EFAs and Q&A). These particular articles were very beneficial. I wish I could say the same for the rest of EL. Evan, 31

We know not every article will appeal to every reader, but we’re glad you found at least a few pieces interesting. Let us know if there is something in particular you’d like us to cover!

I enjoy EL and I feel it creates and gives a feel for the culture of LTF. The articles are well written and have good information. I especially enjoy the nutritional and supplement information. David, 37

After reading EL, I feel more valued as a customer at LTF. LeeAnn, 19

I appreciate how the magazine touches upon not just fitness and nutrition, but also exercising the mind and spirit. Information about new clubs and programs are helpful, too. Sometimes the lingo loses me because I am not a die-hard, workout-for-three-hours-a-day athlete (as much as I would like to be). Kelli, 32

I would like something that gives me more info about my local area LTF facilities. Lynn, 40

I liked the section in the back that told us where the discounts are locally. Can you put this back in? Nicole, 29

We know having that information in the magazine was handy, but it took up so much space and became so quickly outdated that we decided it just wasn’t the best place for it to live. The fastest, easiest way to get up-to-date local and club-specific information is at lifetimefitness.com (or at your club, of course).

I am a brand-new member and really impressed by the magazine. I was pleasantly surprised to get it. I have a long way to go toward becoming fit: I wish you could include some more articles that address the long climb of the obese. Vivian, 39

Good suggestion. We’ll plan on it! For now, you can check out our Success Story on page 74.

Being a new member, I’ve only had the privilege of reading a handed-down copy of EL. I am impressed with Life Time Fitness for the attention to detail given to their members promoting a complete, healthy lifestyle. Matthew, 25

I look forward to EL coming in the mail. The past two editions have been really super! I have looked at the magazines Oxygen and Energy and I always feel that I am reading one long commercial! I appreciated that EL does not do that. I enjoy the in-depth information. I do have one complaint. That is in the August feature on raw foods there were no suggestions on how to prepare raw foods (e.g., recipes, etc.). Also, the Web sites that were referenced had little information. Going from processed foods to raw foods is challenging and I feel that there should have been some information on HOW to do this instead of just the information on how it is good for you. Thanks for EL, and keep up the good work. Laura, 30

Give www.living-foods.com/recipes a try. They claim to have the largest collection of living- and raw-food recipes on the Internet.

This publication impresses me as a reliable source of health- and fitness-related information. Please don’t forget those of us who are older. I would like to see articles for the over-60s who continue to be very active and health conscious. Marsha, 62

Watch for our July issue on “Ageless Health” — we’ll be covering lots of topics of interest to post-adolescents of all ages.

I think it is great that LTF cares so much about their clients that they would publish a fitness magazine. Aaron, 14

It makes me consider the “real issues” with health and how it affects my body. I love Maxim and Men’s Health but most articles are too short. You really dig in to a subject. I really found the “metabolism” issue informative and helpful. Thank you. Andrew, 28

Add articles to the Web site. Gary, 45

Done! In November, we began posting a selection of EL articles on the Web site. Check it out at www.lifetimefitness.com/magazine.

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