What is Healthy Deviance?

Ooh, good question. In essence, Healthy Deviance is choosing to become and remain healthy even in the midst of an unhealthy culture. It’s the willingness to reject commonly accepted unhealthy social norms and conventions in the service of achieving an unusually high level of whole-person well-being.

I use the term “Healthy Deviant” primarily to describe individuals, but Healthy Deviance can also be cultivated in families, groups, communities, and organizations.

I’m currently writing a book on the topic of Healthy Deviance where I explore its prospects in much greater depth. In the meantime, here are some recent works that will tell you more about Healthy Deviance and the unconventional perspectives, patterns, and choices it involves …

“Healthy Deviance”
An episode of The Living Experiment podcast in which Dallas Hartwig and I explore the concept of Healthy Deviance, as well as its Core Competencies and Backbone Practices.

“The Making of a Healthy Deviant:
Choosing a Healthy Life in an Unhealthy World”

An article I wrote for Best Self magazine in which I offer my own deviant origin story, and explain what Healthy Deviance is all about.

“Healthy, Happy … and Disappearing Fast”
A brief blog post in which I offer statistical support for my argument that being unhealthy and unhappy is now the norm in our society.

101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy
Available as a fun interactive infographic and as a free mobile app for iOS, Android and Kindle (the app includes links to related Experience Life articles so you can dig deeper and learn more).

I’ve gathered some additional resources at the Healthy Deviant Facebook page.

I also speak, teach, and consult on these and related topics. I’m especially excited to be presenting a workshop with Dallas Hartwig at the 1440 Multiversity in August, 2017, and to be giving the keynote at the Ancestral Health Symposium in New Zealand in October.

My consulting work is focused on helping innovative organizations challenge and shift the status-quo beliefs, assumptions and patterns that are currently generating widespread chronic disease and dissatisfaction. The goal: empowering them to cultivate more Healthy Deviance within their cultures and product offerings, and inspiring them to sustain more creative, collaborative, high-functioning Healthy Deviants within their ranks.

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