Pilar’s Quick-Trick Snack Stack

Originally published at ExperienceLife.com

Too busy for breakfast? Try our founding editor’s no-fuss, gluten-free, whole-food solution — also ideal as an anytime snack.

Preloaded, stackable containers are key to the efficiency of this easy-to-make breakfast or snack. They eliminate time-consuming fumbling with multiple bags, boxes, and canisters — and they make prep and cleanup a snap.

You can choose any combination of low-glycemic fruits, berries, coconut, nuts, and seeds that you like. Switch up your selections based on what you have on hand, your mood, or what’s in season.

Start with a half cup or so of your preferred fruit in a bowl, then add each of the other ingredients in turn, restacking containers as you go. Finally, add whole or unsweetened non-dairy milk (or yogurt) to taste. Adjust serving sizes and ingredient ratios based on your appetite and energy needs.

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