Healthy habits and patterns may start at home, but they are often either strengthened or destroyed at work. And when it comes to the growing epidemics of chronic disease — including both physical- and mental-health disorders — the workplace is where a great deal of both the human and economic costs of ill-health land.

Some burning questions I’m hearing a lot of companies wrestle with these days:

  • How do we cut through all the hype and confusion to support healthy changes that really matter?
  • How can we build a healthy work culture, or shift our existing culture in a healthier direction?
  • How can we lower our healthcare costs while also improving our business outcomes?
  • How can we future-proof our business against the growing burdens of chronic disease?
  • How can we stop wasting money on outdated corporate-wellness programs that just don’t work?
  • What (products, services, experiences) will our health-motivated consumers and/or employees want and expect next?

These are just a few of the questions I address in my “Healthy Deviant” consulting work, which includes:

  • Strategy, ideation, and concepting for innovative products, services, programs, and content
  • Branding and marketing insight, including research into LOHAS and Cultural Creative audiences
  • Assessment and analysis of existing and proposed designs, environments, and infrastructure
  • Shifting corporate cultures in healthier, happier, more empowering directions
  • Evolving lackluster corporate-wellness programs so they have real value and relevance for real people

Drawing on my 15 years of experience building a healthy work culture at Experience Life magazine, serving as a senior executive at Life Time, and advising a variety of other organizations, I approach each business as a unique entity while also identifying the pervasive patterns that are currently undermining virtually all workplaces.

My past clients include big healthcare companies and small creative agencies, as well as tech, accounting, and investment firms.

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