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My Favorite Phyto Smoothie

02/14/2017 0 comments

Want to dramatically increase your intake of non-starchy vegetables? Make a point of getting in several servings before breakfast by drinking your veggies in the form of this hardcore-healthy Phyto Smoothie. I…

Revolutionary Act 29: Beware the USDA Food Guidelines

01/04/2017 0 comments

Years ago, when my nephew was in high school, he was saddled with a health-class assignment that involved tracking and analyzing his food intake via the USDA’s This online…

Revolutionary Act 28: Watch Your Reactions

12/23/2016 0 comments

Up to 70 percent of adults are intolerant of dairy, gluten, or other dietary triggers. Learn if you’re one of them. Digestive, skin, joint, energy, and mood problems may be your first clue.

Revolutionary Act 27: Have Breakfast

11/25/2016 0 comments

Let there be protein, produce, healthy fats, and fiber in it. A good breakfast wards off energy dips, brain fog, and afternoon cravings.

Revolutionary Act 26: Learn to Cook

10/27/2016 0 comments

Get a dozen healthy, whole-food recipes under your belt, and your lifewill be forever changed. Start by mastering one.

A Better Way to Roll a Yoga Mat

10/04/2016 3 Comments

Look, I’m not a total germaphobe, but I don’t like getting gross, dirty stuff on me if I can avoid it. And that’s just one reason that the conventional way of rolling a…