20 Things That Make Experience Life Different

People sometimes ask me what makes Experience Life so special, particularly in a field of health, fitness and lifestyle magazines that tend to look and feel a lot a like. It’s hard to know where to start, because frankly, it’s a bunch of things. I talk about some of them in the video above (from my May, 2014 cover shoot and profile), and I recently stumbled across this mighty list I wrote up a while back, titled “20 Things That Makes Experience Life Different,” that offers even more reasons: 1. We are a thinking person’s health and fitness magazine. Smart, inquisitive, well-researched, practical, in-depth…. read more

Video How-To: Quick-Trick Gluten-Free Breakfast or Snack

I finally got around to filming this little video while spending the weekend with my pal Jacque Fletcher at her family cabin (so fun!). I was getting ready to show her the magic of my “Quick-Trick-Snack-Stack” solution for breakfast anyway, and we figured: Why not preserve it for posterity and share it with the world? I love that Jacque is still rocking her PJs and I have a serious case of bed-head. You can get a more detailed set of recipe instructions for this meal in the slide show that accompanies my Huffington Post blog on the same topic (last… read more

One App You Really Oughta Have


Somehow, while I wasn’t looking, the art team at Experience Life (chiefly, Lydia Anderson and Jane Meronuck) dreamed up this super-cool enhanced digital edition of the magazine for the iPad. The app-based digital edition has got everything the print edition of the magazine has, plus all sorts of other cool stuff, like bonus content, videos and animations, plus gobs of fun interactivity — stuff you can pull out, swipe over, click on and basically play with to your heart’s content. Experience Life has long been the best, most progressive health and fitness magazine available on the newsstand today, and now it’s the best, most progressive health and fitness magazine… read more

How To Refine Your Life (or Change It Completely)


Feeling like your life could use a fluff-and-buff? A more significant course-adjustment? Maybe even a total makeover? In all cases, this could be a really good place to start. I had a great time condensing the top 10 points from my big “Refine Your Life” class into this quick-hit (1 hr.) live-stream video course via the En*theos Academy for Optimal Living. Here are the Top 10 Big Ideas I cover: 1. Change is a Process, Not an Event 2. Start Where You Are 3. Assess Your Life 4. Pace Yourself 5. Connect with Your Values 6. Clarify Your Vision 7…. read more

My Revolutionary Acts Blog at HuffPo


Before I did my brief stint as Huffington Post’s executive editor of Healthy Living last summer, I’d blogged a little bit for them. But I never got around to posting the stuff I really wanted to … because, well, it didn’t exist yet. Now, I’m doing a cool new “Revolutionary Acts” column series for Experience Life magazine, and it has a sweet second life over at HuffPo. I’m really happy with how it’s rolling both places. Basically, I’m just riffing on my “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy” (you’ve got the free mobile app, right?) — taking each of the… read more