pilargerasimo Pilar Gerasimo is a pioneering content innovator and healthy-living advocate. Her personal and professional passion: Helping people lead healthier, happier, more sustainable lives.

Best known for her work as founding editor of Experience Life magazine (est. 2001), Pilar is also the creative force behind and the author of A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed up World. In 2013, she accepted the top post at the Huffington Post’s Healthy Living division, then gave up her day job to consult and write a book on the art of being healthy in an unhealthy world.

During Pilar’s twelve-year tenure as editor in chief, Experience Life earned more than 100 editorial and design awards (including six Folio awards) and evolved into a number of brand- driven extensions, including a robust Web site, a digital edition, mobile apps, and a variety of media and educational initiatives.

In addition leading Experience Life, Pilar also served as Life Time Fitness’s senior vice president of education, becoming the company’s first female senior executive. While working with Life Time, she developed a number of educational and media initiatives, including a FM radio show (“Get a Whole Life”) and a pilot program for a healthy-living television show (“Experience Life TV”).

An engaging public speaker, broadcaster and vibrant media presence, Pilar has appeared on a wide variety of radio and TV shows, from Dr. Oz’s Oprah & Friends to Mayo Clinic TV. She is also a frequent presenter at national conferences and internationally renowned retreat centers. She serves as an advisor for a number of forward-thinking health-focused companies, including, en*theos Academy of Optimal Living, and Hu Kitchen. Download Pilar's complete bio.

Experience Life TV

Part reality show, part in-the-field experiences and interviews. We shot the pilot in of Experience Life TV 2013. Above is the "sizzle reel," which offers a few snippets of the larger show concept and the personal experience that sparked my idea for the magazine itself.

Quick-Trick Snack Stack

Too busy for breakfast? Ta da! My “Quick-Trick-Snack-Stack” solution. You can get detailed recipe instructions for this fast, healthy, gluten-free day-starter (or anytime mini-meal) in the slideshow accompanying my Huffington Post blog  (last I checked, it had gotten close to a half-million page views there).
Want more? Check out this nice how-to article and video  in Experience Life magazine.

Experience Life Magazine Cover Profile May 2014

For 13 years, Gerasimo served as the Experience Life magazine’s editor in chief. During her tenure, EL earned more than 100 editorial and design awards, including a Gold Folio award for Gerasimo’s chapbook — Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act: A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World. Her “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy” interactive infographic, meanwhile, evolved into a virally popular mobile app. In this feature article she talks about the art of healthy transformation.

Experience Life Magazine Jan-Feb 2011 Feature: Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act

If you’ve been frustrated by how challenging it is to get and stay healthy, know that you are by no means alone. The fact is, over the past few decades, good health and fitness have gradually become the exception, rather than the norm. We live in a society that makes being unhealthy frighteningly easy. An overabundance of processed foods and chronic stress, a lack of opportunity to be active, and an overreliance on prescription drugs are primarily to blame. But so is our tendency to go with the flow, to willingly abdicate responsibility for our health, and to let it be taken from us without nearly enough fight.

Huffington Post - Third Metric: "How Stress Speaks: An Ode To Lost Eyelashes"

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 3.57.57 PM
I want to tell you about my eyelashes. The ones that fell out when I went through a really stressful, overworked period about a decade ago. Because to me, those eyelashes speak volumes -- in a cautionary-tale way -- about the power of the Third Metric. As a health journalist, I've read (and written and edited) reams about the negative impacts of chronic stress. I know that ultimately, there is virtually no system of the body that is NOT negatively affected by it.

Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed Up World

Winner of a Gold "Eddie" FOLIO award in 2011, my manifesto originally appeared as part of a larger feature article in Experience Life’s January-February 2011 "Change Your Life" issue. It inspired the companion Web initiative, and an interactive Web feature, as well as the very popular "101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy" mobile app.

en*theos Class: How to Refine Your Life (or Change It Completely)

his class presents a proven process and a set of powerful skills to help you create positive change in any area of your life, from health and fitness to career, finance, relationships and more. The objective: To empower you to achieve greater personal clarity, focus, momentum and satisfaction. To help you live a life that brings out the best in you — so you can share your best with others. During the class, you’ll be introduced to worksheets, personal-exploration exercises and reading assignments you can complete outside class, if you choose. The more of this coursework you do, the more you will get out of the experience. The focus of this hour-long class will be to provide an overview of how personal change works (and doesn’t), and to give you a sense of some of the tools and perspectives you can use in your own life-changing endeavors.

en*theos Class: How to Be Healthy in an Unhealthy World

In case you haven't noticed, we live in a society where the idea of health and fitness is wildly popular, but where actually becoming a truly healthy person can be mighty tough to pull off. There’s a reason so many of us are struggling: We are living in a world that makes it a whole lot easier to be sick, overweight and depressed than to be healthy, happy and resilient. We can change this mixed-up reality. We can reclaim our well-being and create a better, more blissful world. But it’s going to take some revolutionary moxie to make it happen. So here's my collection of practical suggestions and perspective shifts for setting your own healthy revolution in motion, and helping it grow. Starting with you and your body, right here, right now, one day at a tim


Arianna Huffington “Pilar knows her stuff and walks her talk.”

— Arianna Huffington

KC Headshot “Pilar is a wellness trailblazer. She's not afraid to ask the tough questions and share the brightest solutions. Her tireless work empowers us to care of ourselves, while also rising up and speaking up for the world around us. I'm proud to call her a friend and sister revolutionary.”

— Kris Carr, wellness activist, New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Diet

elena “Pilar's intelligence is matched only by her commitment to being helpful and heartfelt on our path of healing. Her work in teaching others how to care for the body and live a better life has inspired my own.”

— Elena Brower, yoga inspiration, author of The Art of Attention

MarkHymanSm “First she created the best health and fitness magazine on the planet. Then she wrote a kick-ass manifesto and launched a brilliant mobile app. Pilar's work is life-changing, world-changing. I can't wait to see what she does next.”

— Mark Hyman, MD, Functional Medicine pioneer, 8-time New York Times bestselling author

brian “Pilar is one of the most brilliant, inspired, grounded and wise people I know. I trust her and her wisdom completely.”

— Brian Johnson, founder, en*theos Academy for Optimal Living

dan “Pilar is arguably the most enlightened health expert in America.”

— Dan Buettner, National Geographic Explorer, New York Times bestselling author of The Blue Zones

frank “Pilar is a rockstar in healthy living, a true revolutionary. I respect her work enormously.”

— Frank Lipman, MD, Integrative Medicine authority, author of Revive