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Refine Your Life

Eventually I started figuring things out for myself. I read a zillion health and psychology books. I went to seminars and workshops, consulted coaches and wise people. I developed new skills and mindsets that helped me transform my body and my life. And lo and behold, I got healthier and happier.

In the late 90s, excited to share some of the best stuff I was discovering, I started developing a body of work I now call "Refine Your Life." It's a mashup of life-shifting tools and perspectives on topics like values, vision, goals, motivation, action planning, obstacle-stomping and sustaining progress. I eventually turned my personal-development system into a workshop and workbook. (You find some of the materials from the course and a video overview of the process in the Goodies section.)

Happily, as I got better at managing the mental, emotional, physical and social challenges of making healthy choices, I found out that it really wasn't all that hard. I wondered why the media wasn't offering more helpful content. I wondered why they weren't covering a lot of the issues that seemed most essential and relevant to health seekers like me. I figured I couldn't be the only one weary of articles about skinny jeans and six-packs abs.