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Experience Life

So in 2001, partnering with Life Time Fitness, I created the whole-person, whole-life magazine I'd been looking for.

These days, that magazine, Experience Life, reaches more than 3 million people, and I'm proud that it is one of the best respected health magazines in the country — and maybe the world. I was recently mind-boggled to learn that Queen Rania of Jordan digs Experience Life. So does Dr. Oz.

Kudos like those make me happy. But what makes me even happier is hearing from regular people how the work I've created or contributed to has helped them create and sustain positive change in their own lives. Because when one person's life changes for the better, all the lives around them change, too.

And little by little, I think that is how we are going to change this crazy, mixed-up world of ours for the better.