Dr. Oz on Oprah Radio

My Day With Dr. Oz

Back in 2008, I had a fun and surreal experience. I was invited to be a guest on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Oprah Radio show. At the time, Dr. Oz was just a well-respected cardiologist and author, and a popular Oprah-show regular. Not long after this interview, of course, he got his own Emmy-winning TV show and quickly became the country’s single biggest health influencer. So how did I end up on his show? Well, we’d had Dr. Oz on the cover of Experience Life magazine earlier that year, and during our photo shoot, he’d asked me how we consistently came… read more

“Your Ideal Day” Guided Visualization

Longing to create some positive change in your life, but uncertain where to start? Or still a bit unclear about what you really want? This powerful guided visioning session helps you creatively imagine — and then begin to construct — your chosen daily reality.  Drawn from the Vision section of my larger “Refine Your Life” workshop curriculum, it is based on proven scientific principles and is appropriate for all audiences. The complete “Your Ideal Day” audio collection includes four sections: 1) an introduction; 2) a guided visualization; 3) spoken affirmations set over music; 4) subliminal (inaudible) affirmations set over music. You… read more