One App You Really Oughta Have

Somehow, while I wasn’t looking, the art team at Experience Life (chiefly, Lydia Anderson and Jane Meronuck) dreamed up this super-cool enhanced digital edition of the magazine for the iPad. The app-based digital edition has got everything the print edition of the magazine has, plus all sorts of other cool stuff, like bonus content, videos and animations, plus gobs of fun interactivity — stuff you can pull out, swipe over, click on and basically play with to your heart’s content. Experience Life has long been the best, most progressive health and fitness magazine available on the newsstand today, and now it’s the best, most progressive health and fitness magazine… read more


How To Refine Your Life (or Change It Completely)

Feeling like your life could use a fluff-and-buff? A more significant course-adjustment? Maybe even a total makeover? In all cases, this could be a really good place to start. I had a great time condensing the top 10 points from my big “Refine Your Life” class into this quick-hit (1 hr.) live-stream video course via the En*theos Academy for Optimal Living. Here are the Top 10 Big Ideas I cover: 1. Change is a Process, Not an Event 2. Start Where You Are 3. Assess Your Life 4. Pace Yourself 5. Connect with Your Values 6. Clarify Your Vision 7…. read more


What My Book Is About

In my “Yes, I’m Writing a Book” post, I described my motivations for doing that.  I got some lovely feedback and a few requests for more info.  So here’s a little clip from the book’s in-progress intro … *** GETTING HEALTHY IS A TRIP. And I mean that in more ways than one.  It’s a remarkable, mind-blowing “whoa, dude” sort of head trip, for sure. But it’s also a significant personal journey, and rarely a predictable or uneventful one. Remember the setup for the TV show Gilligan’s Island, where those ill-fated passengers head out on a nice little “three-hour tour”… read more

My forthcoming book (working title). :)

Yes, I’m Writing a Book

  I started noodling with the idea of writing a book back in 2001. It took 13 years for me to get around to actually embarking on the project. In the meantime, I put out more than one hundred issues of Experience Life magazine, wrote my Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed Up World, launched RevolutionaryAct, worked up the “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy” mobile app, wrote a bunch of monthly columns, hosted a radio show, created a TV show pilot, gave talks, taught some online classes, took people through my Refine Your Life workshops, did a brief stint running the Healthy Living vertical at The Huffington… read more

Good morning, world! #beautyeverywhere #upwiththesun

My Morning Practice

I love my little morning practice so much (just a few blissful minutes for me before I so much as glance at a screen), I share it with anybody and everybody who expresses the least bit of interest. A while back, Julie van Amerongen, founder of the Practice Project, invited me to share my daily practice there. The Practice Project is this cool site where Julie collects the diverse practices of all sorts of smart and interesting people, from health and wellness gurus to business leaders and authors. She has them describe those practices in their own words, explain why they do them, who inspired… read more